Sunday, 30 June 2013


Ahh the jacket! I remember being 12 and thinking 'urgh women who wear jackets are either old or conservative, that will never be me'. Oh how the fashion cycle evolves.. I don't think I know any young girl who doesn't own a jacket? I would label the jacket as a classic staple and usually the perfect go to item for the boring job interview or important family dinner and so on, but this item is far more versatile!

I could wear my jackets day in, day out! I have to admit, I struggle to dress casual. I've never been a girl able to throw on a hoodie and jeans - i prefer the 'I have made an effort today' kinda look. I've got a little growing obsession with smart jackets at the moment (an obsession my bank balance is not thanking me for!) but I have found a way to incorporate them for every day activities! 

I love wearing my jackets with a well cut black/white tee with jeans and converse. This look is my attempt to appear casual - I feel the jacket adds an elegant and powerful touch to such a simple outfit.

I went to the pub with girlfriends on friday and couldn't resist debuting one of my new jackets (it was payday after all!!). My struggle was to ensure I didn't look to traditional, and ahem, dull and boring! My decision? Black disco pants, a white embroided cropped top, black stilettos, chanel bag and of course, the new tweed jacket. I feel the shape of the disco pants and cropped top allows the outfit to be sexy and womanly yet the jacket tones it down. There is nothing worse than people mistaking you for Sandy out of Grease! (Beware with the disco pants!)

Thursday, 27 June 2013


On Monday evening I attended Company Magazines Blogging Forum event with my Uni friend Sophie. I chose to attend the event to get some insider tips from the knowledgeable fashion professionals and some ways in which I can improve my own blogging!

I've read Company magazine for a couple of years now, it was actually somebody at uni who introduced me! The magazines graphic layout is the most interesting, unique and eye popping design I have seen in journalism for years. The magazine bases it's target audience at young women aged 18-25, including articles on internships, university, how to handle your first job interview and what to wear on that first date. Every time I read Company I always seem to pick up invaluable information and handy advice!

Company magazine is almost an ambassador for fashion bloggers and likes to get interactive with their readers, hence why they created the blogging forum for wannabe bloggers, established bloggers and blogging newbies like me! The event included a packed goodie bag, a glass of bubbly (just what I needed after dealing with tube rush hour!!) and a lecture with the fabulous Company editor Victoria, Susie Bubble, Rhiannon Ashlee of Fashion Rocks My Socks, Sally Burlison - PR and social media manager for OhMyLove! Roxanne Nejad from online site and finally Kristen Madden, the managing director at Handpicked Media! Lucky us! The knowledge I gained from the event was simply priceless!

Sunday, 23 June 2013


I recently got back from a beautiful week away with my Boyfriend and parents in Malta - to say I have holiday blues is an understatement!! With the miserable, grey and overcast weather taking centre stage in England, looking at my holiday pictures is the only glimpse of sun I'm going to be getting!!

I thought I would show you some of the outfits I wore whilst in Malta. I think you can tell by glancing at them that I have a huge soft spot for anything ORANGE - this obsession, of course, stemmed from my Mum purchasing a very coveted burnt orange Mulberry Bayswater! It is my go to colour once I have a tan, and in my opinion, I have never seen someone who doesn't suit the colour!.. (unless of course, their skin literally matches the item and you end up looking like an orange crayon!)

My style, limited by the amount of student loan I get given (whoops, sorry study books, clothes are far more important!) is based around what the high street has to offer. Britain boasts the best high street in the world so there is no wonder we are obsessed with buying budget clothing! I think the fact that consumers, with little disposable income are able to follow the latest trends as often as they want due to high street affordable pricing makes British women's sense of style a talking point within the fashion world.

Top tip: I LOVE affordable clothing so don't misunderstand what I am saying, in fact I am basically a walking talking mascot for fast fashion stores, but please be careful!!! I used to find myself buying clothing for the sake of it - I would look at the price tag before I had fully examined the garment. I would buy clothing based on the price which meant I ended up with endless items perfect for that event I 'desperately' needed it for and then it would get completely forgot about and out of date by the time I rediscovered it. Logically, filling your wardrobe with cheap clothes you don't even like would equal you being able to afford a slightly pricier item that you are completely and utterly obsessed with.

Outfit number one:
Lace top: Forever 21
Pink shorts: Forever 21

Outfit number two:
Playsuit: Zara

Outfit number three:
Orange maxi: Zara
Brown stud bag: Boohoo

Outfit number four:
Floral dress: Zara
Tan sandals: ASOS

Outfit number five:
Orange cami: Mango
Denim fade skirt: Miss Selfridge

Outfit number six:
White crop: New Look
Orange shorts: H&M
Round sunglasses: ASOS

Thursday, 13 June 2013


Christian Louboutin once said “A woman can carry a bag, but it is the shoe that carries the woman.” and I can completely relate with this statement. Beautifully designed shoes are many women's weakness - with a perfectly carved stiletto heel, a woman can suddenly feel as though they are transformed into a taller, skinnier and more elegant version of themselves. 

I remember shopping in Zara and forgetting they even stocked footwear due to their unconventional visual merchandising - the shoes being displayed underneath the garments certainly does not do them justice. I like to be drawn in by the stores products and Zara's footwear normally goes unnoticed by myself. After seeing fellow Bloggers, friends and the media going crazy over Zara's new footwear designs I have now made a beeline straight to the lower shelves in store to admire the brands innovative shoes. I have totally fallen head over heels (excuse the pun) for at least fifteen of Zaras footwear range.

Choosing four of Zaras S/S 13 footwear range, I have included the coveted on trend super high, super strappy heel, the Giuseppe Zanotti look-a-like teal cut out heel, the bright coral moccasin perfect with a deep tan and lastly the dangerously gold studded flat sandal that will toughen up any floaty summer outfit:



Since my Mum always told me my shoe colour should match my handbag of choice, my relationship with fashion intensified. Apart from thinking I wanted to work with Dolphins (classic 10 year old aspirations) I always new my career path would be within the fashion industry. Finishing my A levels, I decided I wanted to broaden my industry knowledge before embarking on my fashion journey at University - I chose to enrol at the Fashion Retail Academy in London, which allowed me to express my personality even more than before through the clothing I wore. I am currently studying Fashion Management with Marketing at Southampton Solent University, I have just completed my second year - hurrah! Whilst my brain is being allowed to relax from education for four months, I felt that it was only best to keep myself sane with bombarding everyone with my obsession and heavy addiction to fashion...