Thursday, 13 June 2013


Since my Mum always told me my shoe colour should match my handbag of choice, my relationship with fashion intensified. Apart from thinking I wanted to work with Dolphins (classic 10 year old aspirations) I always new my career path would be within the fashion industry. Finishing my A levels, I decided I wanted to broaden my industry knowledge before embarking on my fashion journey at University - I chose to enrol at the Fashion Retail Academy in London, which allowed me to express my personality even more than before through the clothing I wore. I am currently studying Fashion Management with Marketing at Southampton Solent University, I have just completed my second year - hurrah! Whilst my brain is being allowed to relax from education for four months, I felt that it was only best to keep myself sane with bombarding everyone with my obsession and heavy addiction to fashion...


  1. I really love that dress you're wearing!! So nice xx