Sunday, 23 June 2013


I recently got back from a beautiful week away with my Boyfriend and parents in Malta - to say I have holiday blues is an understatement!! With the miserable, grey and overcast weather taking centre stage in England, looking at my holiday pictures is the only glimpse of sun I'm going to be getting!!

I thought I would show you some of the outfits I wore whilst in Malta. I think you can tell by glancing at them that I have a huge soft spot for anything ORANGE - this obsession, of course, stemmed from my Mum purchasing a very coveted burnt orange Mulberry Bayswater! It is my go to colour once I have a tan, and in my opinion, I have never seen someone who doesn't suit the colour!.. (unless of course, their skin literally matches the item and you end up looking like an orange crayon!)

My style, limited by the amount of student loan I get given (whoops, sorry study books, clothes are far more important!) is based around what the high street has to offer. Britain boasts the best high street in the world so there is no wonder we are obsessed with buying budget clothing! I think the fact that consumers, with little disposable income are able to follow the latest trends as often as they want due to high street affordable pricing makes British women's sense of style a talking point within the fashion world.

Top tip: I LOVE affordable clothing so don't misunderstand what I am saying, in fact I am basically a walking talking mascot for fast fashion stores, but please be careful!!! I used to find myself buying clothing for the sake of it - I would look at the price tag before I had fully examined the garment. I would buy clothing based on the price which meant I ended up with endless items perfect for that event I 'desperately' needed it for and then it would get completely forgot about and out of date by the time I rediscovered it. Logically, filling your wardrobe with cheap clothes you don't even like would equal you being able to afford a slightly pricier item that you are completely and utterly obsessed with.

Outfit number one:
Lace top: Forever 21
Pink shorts: Forever 21

Outfit number two:
Playsuit: Zara

Outfit number three:
Orange maxi: Zara
Brown stud bag: Boohoo

Outfit number four:
Floral dress: Zara
Tan sandals: ASOS

Outfit number five:
Orange cami: Mango
Denim fade skirt: Miss Selfridge

Outfit number six:
White crop: New Look
Orange shorts: H&M
Round sunglasses: ASOS


  1. Some gorgeous outfits here! You look stunning xx

  2. Oh how lovely :) thank you!

    Megan xo