Sunday, 28 July 2013


eBay... Where to start, you definitely either love it or you hate it! I'm slowly coming around to it again, with the aggressive bidding wars becoming a little to much for me I had some eBay time out!

So, as you can tell I'm a lover of jewellery (or as my Boyfriend puts it - a lover of spending money) but thankfully this little purchase was a bargain! An absolute one at that, HEL-LO £1.99 for a gorgeous gold wishbone necklace.

I obviously didn't have £50 lying around to splash out on the 'Dogeared' equivalent (wish must I add was out of stock on Asos even if I had wanted to!) so I headed to eBay. The resemblance is uncanny - the necklace even came with the small wishbone message!! I think this purchase is going to turn me into a serial eBay spender again... Uh oh!

Monday, 22 July 2013


My trip to H&M in my lunch breaks never bodes well for my empty bank balance, but i'm a sucker for a bargain - I mean, lets be honest, who isn't? When I see that red and white reduced sticker, my little fashion focused heart jumps! Ahhh I can't resist, but thankfully this time I left the store with only two new purchases - good going for me!

I decided on a cute violet and cream floral pair of trousers and a new pair of jeans. With this beautiful weather still looming I wanted some fresh and colourful trousers to brighten up my work outfits, and i'm still into my summer pastels so this was the perfect choice! Plus, they looked great with all my smart jackets!

The jeans - ahh! So, i'm a jeans kinda girl, in the winter I live in them, i like to dress them down with smart black riding boots or converse and then in the evening pair them with some court heels. I think jeans are the most versatile garment in a girls wardrobe - THE staple. From working at River Island throughout my teens, wearing jeans were our work uniform and I fell in love with their cut and the way they fit my figure. Because I wear them so often I start to form a very sad and embarrassing bond with them. 

After stupidly allowing my Boyfriend to teach me the correct technique of squats, whilst wearing my jeans.. I of course split them! It wasn't the fact that I had to pay for another pair it was the trauma of jean shopping and trying to find another perfect fit! I went straight to River Island and was devastated to find that all the skinny jeans were just not same cut at the top, as my previous pair. After getting my strop on many a times whilst shopping, I finally found the ones, and in H&M which I was extremely surprised at considering I always believed their denim jean sizing and shapes were always unflattering!! Well at £15 how could I go wrong?

Thursday, 18 July 2013


So i'm one for documenting my life through pictures - it's not about boasting or fabricating events. It's all about showing people what makes you happy and expressing your personality through an art form - photography.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


On saturday I went to Wireless festival with all my Uni girls. I had such a dilemma with my outfit - working full time meant I just didn't have time to plan an outfit or go shopping. I ended up running like Usain Bolt in and out of H&M and River Island. 

I managed to get a lime green silky camisole from River Island for only £10! I was happy my panic stricken 'try on EVERYTHING and hope for the best' philosophy had worked!

I teamed the lime green cami with some orange shorts from H&M and black accessories! The weather was so gorgeous which meant i managed to get away with my bright traffic like outfit! Well when else can you wear these colours together if its not at a festival in the sunshine?!

I wore black converse, my black chanel 2.55 (which killed my shoulder must I add!) and an Urban Outfitters black and gold 'peace' belt. I kept my jewellery really minimal with a chain bracelet and some skinny gold rings.

Here are some pictures of the day:

Thursday, 11 July 2013


Oh lord, I have been so terrible with blogging this week! Working full time has been consuming me so huge apologies! It is so difficult to find some down time when you work 38 hours a week, and juggled with ensuring your doing your daily girlfriend and friend duties!! Saying that, I did find a few minutes to buy a new necklace - shock horror!

I have this thing about necklaces - I've always been a jewellery person, I remember having overflowing jewellery boxes (the ones with the rotating ballerina - blast from the past!) as a young girl, filled to the brim with extendible rings, friendship bracelets and endless amounts of diamond costume jewels. I sometimes find myself buying jewellery for the sake of it! I have so many earrings and bracelets that I don't even wear but I just can't bring myself to get rid of them - all for that 'just in case I need it for that certain outfit' moment..

So, my necklace, love love love!! It was only a little buy from New Look believe it or not - and it was only £6 which I think is unbelievably reasonable! I'm always on the look out for affordable jewellery that looks expensive. In the past, I have found amazing necklaces in Primark, which I have NEVER seen another girl wearing, and I always make sure I have a browse in the accessorize sales as you can pick up lovely girly statement pieces for under £10! I fell in love with the necklace straight away, it reminded me so much of Nicole Richies House of Harlow coveted jewellery. I adore her pieces as they are so art deco and interesting! In homage to my new necklace purchase (and to many more!) I thought I would debut some of my favourites.

Saturday, 6 July 2013


Shoes glorious shoes! How can any woman in her right mind pass up a new pair of shoes? I for one certainly could not hence why I am posting about my three, yes three, new pairs of B-E-AUTIFUL heels.

So here is the 411, I HATE feet with a passion, everything about them repulses me. I hate people touching my feet, touching other peoples feet or having to glare at them for long periods of time! The only way possible to soldier on with my foot hatred is to ensure my toe-nails are ALWAYS pedicured to an inch of their lives and to surround my feet with stunning shoes!

I unfortunately received my Dads genes in the feet department, which is of course unbearably skinny! So slim that I struggle to find shoes that stay on my feet! As a child I was subjected to shopping trips filled with painful school shoe hunting - it always ended up with shoes that were kitted out with about ten insoles! I am constantly adding holes in the straps of my heels to make sure that when wearing them I one, don't look like Jah Jah Binks from Star Wars, and secondly that I don't break my neck and end up ruining my outing!

Praise the Lord I found three new pairs of heels, on a 30 minute lunch break must I add (impressive huh?), that actually fit my skeletal feet. Halla-bloody-lujah! I purchased a fabulously feminine, sparkly gun metal heel  with a big sparkly bow to match! These heels have a Carrie Bradshaw feel to them and they include the on trend ankle and thin lower toe strap. Next up was the pointy monochrome heel - this the first time I have ever bought a pointed heel but I have already fallen in love! I've found that the heel instantly elongates my legs and gives my outfit a polished and ladylike look to it. Diane Kruger, Olivia Palermo, Jessica Alba and Victoria Beckham are all fans of the pointy pump! Lastly, but certainly not to be forgotten I went for a punchy, bright floral peep toe heel. This is for a very special occasion in September - it's got the 'races' kinda heel written all over it and now I am in search of a fuchsia pink clutch to match!!

Pointy heel loves:

Thursday, 4 July 2013


Just the simple word Chanel excites every sense inside of me! I am a die hard Chanel fan - I would probably be able to see the double C logo a mile off. This is probably quite an embarrassing fact about myself, but when visiting Paris last summer with a friend, I got so worked up and emotional about being outside the first Chanel store I welled up! It was something about the swooping stairs and the picture of Coco hanging beside that bannisters that set me off! I had always dreamed about being able to visit this store and my dream had been granted! (one less thing on the bucket list!).

Chanel oozes everything I feel a woman should be - demure, sophisticated, classic and mysterious. I think it is most Women's fashion ambition in life to own a Chanel 2.55 bag, myself included - I don't want just one, I aspire to own them in every colour made!

I love watching and analysing the Chanel shows each season. Not only do they produce such incredible garments, they create an event which is unlike any runway show. They continue to exceed themselves from the season before. 

This year, Karl Lagerfeld presented Chanels Haute Couture autumn/winter 2013-14 collection in Paris' Grand Palais. The show was a concept of a crumbling, decrepit theatre room. Many suggest that the 'falling apart' idea has political and economic meaning behind it all, with regards to Frances current state.

Ah so happy that the tweed jacket continues to grace the Chanel collections - I feel that this collection was all about texture with inclusions of the drop waisted dresses (very 1920s Great Gatsby) and the focusing of wide waist belts. The layering conception was in full force with skirts teamed over beautifully embellished dresses.


Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Having been a member of since 2010, I have been lucky enough to see the site evolve and grow into an amazing style community. When signing up for it, the site was pretty basic and I used it to express my own personal style. This is before the whole #ootd and #instafashion on Instagram and Twitter had really taken off, and it was a creative vent for myself to post and receive compliments from fellow fashion lovers.

SyledOn is a fashion community in which members can post pictures of either themselves, inspiration, idols, interior design and favourite destinations. It is a social website which provides each member a source of creativeness and a chance for people to applaud them of this and also for them to find members with similar interests and style.

The website, named 'fashions Facebook' had a complete makeover earlier this year. It is now so much more than a member simply uploading a pleasant photo of their outfit - the site enables the members to search endless brand pages (all 4000 of them!), product pages, allowing members to tag their garments by designer and description, a link to shop and browse over an array of categories and to search thousands of uploaded photos. This website is like the middle man for brands and its customers - there is no 'like this' 'retweet this' and 'hashtag for more likes', it is a genuine and fascinating community who love all things FASHION!

I am fortunate enough to have been featured on the 'Community Round up' three times and in the 'Steal her style' and I now boast over 2000 followers (go me!). so come and follow me and be sure to sign up yourself if you're a fashion follower! I promise you won't regret it!!