Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Having been a member of styledOn.com since 2010, I have been lucky enough to see the site evolve and grow into an amazing style community. When signing up for it, the site was pretty basic and I used it to express my own personal style. This is before the whole #ootd and #instafashion on Instagram and Twitter had really taken off, and it was a creative vent for myself to post and receive compliments from fellow fashion lovers.

SyledOn is a fashion community in which members can post pictures of either themselves, inspiration, idols, interior design and favourite destinations. It is a social website which provides each member a source of creativeness and a chance for people to applaud them of this and also for them to find members with similar interests and style.

The website, named 'fashions Facebook' had a complete makeover earlier this year. It is now so much more than a member simply uploading a pleasant photo of their outfit - the site enables the members to search endless brand pages (all 4000 of them!), product pages, allowing members to tag their garments by designer and description, a link to shop and browse over an array of categories and to search thousands of uploaded photos. This website is like the middle man for brands and its customers - there is no 'like this' 'retweet this' and 'hashtag for more likes', it is a genuine and fascinating community who love all things FASHION!

I am fortunate enough to have been featured on the 'Community Round up' three times and in the 'Steal her style' and I now boast over 2000 followers (go me!). so come and follow me and be sure to sign up yourself if you're a fashion follower! I promise you won't regret it!!

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