Saturday, 31 August 2013


My bank holiday saturday consisted of facing the rain and enjoying impersonating a little drowned rat! That sounds terrible but I was actually at SW4 festival on Clapham Common! Despite the revolting English weather, I went prepared - Wellington boots, an oversized raincoat and an umbrella, which of course within minutes got dumped.

To my horror I woke up on saturday, now being used to the sunny summer days, to torrential rain! Well this brought an extreme sadness to my hours of outfit buying the previous day!!! 

Ok, so I sound like an absolute drama queen, but the rain had completely put a downer on things! My outfit now had to somehow co-ordinate with black wellies and a raincoat! Princess strop over, I tried to work the 'drenched girl' look. 

So, i went for a Forever 21 white and black checked shirt, a racy black leather bralet from Zara and some vintage Levis denim shorts I've had for a while! For accessories i went with a chunky worn gold 'penny' necklace from H&M, a vintage black Levis belt and my Karen Millen black and gold studded cross over bag. That sounds all well and good, huh?! I then had to chuck in a raincoat which i rolled the sleeves up on and some plain black wellies which shielded me from mud covered legs!

I now regret my tantrum as SW4 in the rain turned out to be one of my favourite days of the summer! And who can't deny that it is slightly liberating dancing in the rain, right?! 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


well, not only am I doing a fancy internship with The Dune Group, it is positioned just off one of the biggest, most exciting shopping meccas in the world... Oxford Street!! Some may say I should revel in this and take it all in, but my bank account just can't take much more!!!!

When I attended the Fashion Retail Academy three years ago, I couldn't believe my luck that I was studying at a college just round the corner from the coveted Topshop flagship store and the infamous Selfridges but I soon learnt the lessons of restraint... Something I haven't picked up so quickly this time round!

So enough with sounding like a boring, penniless, struggling student, I want to show you my recent purchase (of course.. When have i ever not got a new purchase?!) from Forever 21, my second favourite fast fashion - I couldn't place anyone above Zara now, could i?!

Forever 21, originally from the US, currently has 7 stores here in the UK - I have only visited the Oxford Street one which dons an AMAZING accessories lounge fit for a Princess of bargain buying!!

I couldn't deny my wrists and fingers of this gorgeous black and gold studded cuff (which can be stretched smaller or bigger depending on your wrist size) and this cute dainty '&' sign gold ring! 

Let me know what you think..

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Aaaaannndd the Worst Blogger Ever Award goes to... MYSELF! Sorry sorry sorry! I have been so busy this last month that I have unfortunately neglected my blog!!

I do have a very good excuse though, I promise! So, I have had the amazing opportunity to intern with The Dune Group within their PR team! Lucky me!! As you can imagine, I have been non stop, commuting, and being a fully fledged fashion gal! Its extremely tiring but so rewarding, and of course trying to fit in a social life aroud my internship is a job in itself!

I am now going to ensure i do NOT make it nearly a MONTH (ahhh, makes me feel even worse typing that word!) where i haven't blogged!

Here are some pictures of recent outfits and places I have visited over the past 3 weeks..